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April 29, 2019


City Council Candidates’ Joint Statement on Proposed Charter Reforms

Baltimore, MD — Today, ten of the non-incumbent candidates who have declared their candidacy for Baltimore City Council are issuing a joint statement of support for Councilmembers Henry (Dist. 4) and Burnett’s (Dist. 8) proposed charter amendments.

“As candidates who believe that meaningful reforms are needed at every level of our local government, we have come together to support these charter amendments and to insist on collective support from City Hall to pass these amendments to the people of Baltimore for a decision in the 2020 general election.

“Chaotic times demand courageous action; the proposed charter amendments represent the first in a series of needed steps to empower councilmembers and the residents they represent to prevent corruption, negligence, and incompetence.

“Though we have not yet seen the full text of these proposed amendments, we fully support their intent, as proposed by Councilmembers Henry and Burnett. We look forward to a more thoughtful review once the full amendments are released.

“Now is the time to balance power between the executive and legislative bodies of our city government. Though some of us are opposing one another in competitive districts, we all believe in the importance of common sense reforms; we have come together in recognition of the need to empower the future City Council to advocate forcefully on behalf of the people of our respective districts.”


This joint statement has been released by City Council candidates throughout Baltimore. This is not a formal or informal slate, and these candidates do not by this statement endorse one another or any seated councilmember.

All declared, non-incumbent candidates were contacted for this effort.

The signatories include:

District 2Tamira Dunn
District 4 Angie Winder
District 5 • Katina Burley, Chris Ervin
District 10 Ray Conaway
District 12Gary Crum, Dave Heilker, Emma Oppenheim, Phillip Westry
District 14 Joe Kane

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