Dave Heilker, via Maryland Matters

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“Putting even a local moratorium on opioid treatment programs represents a critical misunderstanding of how addiction works and how treatment works. It’s a stance that, in 2020, should be ridiculed when a politician takes it.

“When you have a substance abuse disorder, you’re most likely to use the treatment center closest to where you live because, in all likelihood, you don’t have access to a car or reliable public transportation. Proximity is important.

“So when you say “not in my neighborhood, we want to put it elsewhere,” you’re basically saying “I’m OK with a person seeking life-saving treatment for their disease … as long as it’s not near Eddie’s.” We need to be expanding treatment options, not just in District 12, but also at the state level.
“I don’t know whether that was a popular answer, but I do know that it’s the correct answer.”

We need supervised consumption services.

We need to radically rethink how we treat people living with an illness.

via Maryland Matters

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