Freddie Gray "Illegal Art" Mural Formerly at Maryland and North Avenue in Baltimore

Four years ago today, Freddie Gray died from injuries he sustained at the hands of Baltimore City Police Officers.

We must not forget what came next.

We belong in a city that acknowledges our uncomfortable past –– especially our city’s long history of white supremacy and systemic racism –– and listens to the people who have been most impacted by it.

That’s why we want to hear your story.

Share your story

We all remember how The Uprising made us feel.

For many of us, myself included, we became hopeful for more mindful, attentive leadership. We were hopeful for a chance to begin again. There is still some momentum left from that moment.

How we harness that momentum is up to us.

We think we belong in a city with leadership that listens to the people most impacted by The Uprising to learn important lessons. Do you agree? (🐤 click to tweet this)

Please consider sharing your story with us. When leadership listens, we are truly represented.

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