Close the Divide

Use this page to send an email or tweet to your Baltimore City Council Member. It will cc: Mayor Jack Young, Council President Brandon Scott, and Council Member Zeke Cohen, the Education and Youth Committee Chair.

Feel free to copy and paste one of these images into your tweet or to write your own tweet using the hashtag #closethedivide

DISTRICT 1 – Zeke Cohen

DISTRICT 2 – Danielle McCray

DISTRICT 3 – Ryan Dorsey

DISTRICT 4 – Bill Henry

District 5 – Yitzy Schleifer

DISTRICT 6 – Sharon Green Middleton

DISTRICT 7 – Leon Pinkett

DISTRICT 8 – Kristerfer Burnett

DISTRICT 9 – John Bullock

District 10 – Ed Reisinger

District 11 – Eric Costello

DISTRICT 12 – Robert Stokes

DISTRICT 13 – Shannon Sneed

DISTRICT 14 – Mary Pat Clarke

[please note: the email buttons will invoke your computer or smartphone’s default mail app; for example: if your MacBook has “Mail” even if you don’t use it, it will popup a Mail window. You can copy and paste the text into your email client of choice]